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Two Men and a Wardrobe

Paweł Althamer, Jacek Adamas

Dwaj ludzie z szafą (Two Men and a Wardrobe) (2008) – a wooden wardrobe located on the sea shore, close to the Sopot pier, is a quotation from Roman Polanski's 1958 study. The characters in Polanski's etude journey through the world carrying a piece of furniture similar to the one designed by Paweł Althamer and Jacek Adamas. The grotesque burden causes their allienation.

The collaboration of the two artists usually engaged in completely different contexts revises the issue of an "alien", raised in Polanski's film. At the same time, the project refers to Althamer's investigation into the role of sculpture in public space, its participation, and the active experience it may incite. The wardrobe abandoned on the beach has become part of the landscape as a reference point and an object of a variety of reactions, defined by a slow but inevitable alteration.


Partners: National Art Gallery (Sopot)