Paweł Althamer

Staircase (2010) Paweł Althamer’s installation resembling a futuristic interior, built in a neglected staircase, partially taken over by businesses, in the Krasnobrodzka 13 apartment building. The concept of the work  was a result of years of Althamer’s collaboration with his neighbors. The transformation of the interior into a spaceship is a continuation of the science-fiction project Wspólna sprawa (Common Cause). Its participants, dressed in golden costumes, set out on distant journeys, exploring unknown reality. The idea refers to the artist’s previous works. In the Astronaut (1995), the artist observed his surroundings from the perspective of a guest from another planet, while in Bródno 2000, the tenants of the highrise used the lights of their windows to write the number 2000 on the building's façade.


Architectural concept: Jakub Szczęsny, Centrala

Partners: Press-Glas, Flugger-farby, Gerda

Special thanks to the National Culture Center and Targówek District Office