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Mother Earth, Sister Moon

Christian Tomaszewski, Joanna Malinowska

Mother Earth, Sister Moon (2009) – a project by Christian Tomaszewski and Joanna  Malinowska, for the Performa 09 biennale, collecting diverse traces of fascination with the cosmos, found throughout the former Communist Block. The artists track them in the visual culture of communist countries, while matching them with the context of western pop-culture. They immerse themselves in utopian visions of the future, tainted with the dreams of cosmic conquest dating back to the Cold War.

A Russian spacesuit of absurd proportions has been inspired by the sarcastic character of Hon. En Katedral, a hiper-erotic female giant, constructed in 1966 by Nikki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. A fashion show to the music of Masami Tomihisa is performed inside Tomaszewski and Malinowska's sculpture. The costumes desplayed at the show refer to projects of Russian avant-garde designers, science-fiction film, the phenomenon of the Soviet space travel program, and to a mysterious explosion, which took place on the banks of the river Tunguska in 1908.


See: PerformaCulture.plartnet


Produced in cooperation with Performa 09

Partners: Polish Culture Institute in New York, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, Illya Szilak

Project financed by the Minister of Culutre and National Heritage.