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Untitled (U.F.O)

Peter Coffin

Untitled (UFO) (2008/2009)

On the evening of July 4, 2008, an unidentified flying object designed by American artist Peter Coffin appeared over Gdansk, the city's beach, and the Sopot pier. The structure, suspended from a helicopter, was styled after the UFO image rooted in the mass culture. Its appearance had been preceded by a media campaign, which drew crowds to observe the object. The spectacular event in itself was not the climax, however – the artist's attention was focused on the audience's response. A photographic and sociological documentation of the audience's behaviors was compiled during the UFO sighting. The documentation was displayed as part of Manifesta 7.

Another edition of the project was performed in Rio de Janeiro in May of 2009. The large number of Brazilian UFO-believer groups set the project in a new context.

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Partners: Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury (Gdańsk), Art Production Fund (New York), Andrew Kreps Gallery (New York)

Partners in Brazil: Oi, Oi Futuro, TV Globo, O Globo, Vianapole Comunicacao (Rio de Janeiro)

Cooperation: Sylwia Szostak, Mateusz Halawa, Dominic Harris (Cinimod Studio, London), Mike Harrison