Mirosław Bałka

Cruzamento, 2008 by Mirosław Bałka, an intersection of two corridors, referring to the cross and its symbolic carnality. The horizontal configuration of the sculpture allows a physical experience of it. An entrance in the end of each arm of the cross leads into the metal structure. Powerful fans are placed just above, in place of Christ's wounds. One viewing the sculpture is exposed to their oppressive force, a symbolic act of purification preceding his or her journey through the structure, an experience of the limitations of the body.

Made for the space of the Modern Arts Museum in Rio de Janeiro, the form of the sculpture refers to the most distinct symbol of that city – the dominating monument of Christo Redentor on Mount Corcovado.


Produced in cooperation with Vianapole Comunicacao (Rio de Janeiro)

Partners: Modern Arts Museum, Rio de Janeiro (MAM do Rio de Janeiro)