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Untitled (John Paul II)

Piotr Uklański

Untitled (John Paul II) (2004)

This project was produced as part of the 26th Biennale in Sao Paulo, under the theme of "transmitting images". Uklański used 3500 Brazilian troops to create a living portrait of John Paul II, as a continuation of his series of social portraits. Since 1999, the artist has been searching for personalities and symbols associated with collective identity. The sequence includes also photographs of the French Minister of Culture Jean-Jacques Aillagon, the Belgian royal family, the board of curators of the 50th Art Biennale in Venice, the Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and many others.

The photograph has been desplayed in the public space of sevral Polish cities. It presently belongs to the collections of the Modern Art Museum in Warsaw.


Produced for the 25th Biennale Contemporary Arts in Sao Paulo, in cooperation with Anana Producoes, Rio de Janeiro

Curator: Anda Rottenberg