Paweł Althamer

Pramien Sonca (Sunbeam) (2012) is a Paweł Althamer performance, carried out in Minsk, on the night of May 17, 2012. A group of the artist's friends set out on a journey to Belarus, where Althamer had organized a concert by the legendary Belarussian band N.R.M., accompanied by the Polish band Paprika Korps and Belarussian Amaroka. After the concert, the concert performers paraded through the streets of Minsk toward the rising sun. The purpose of the concert and the symbolic parade was to draw Europe's attention to the situation of Belarus. The event was preceded by the production of an N.R.M. music video previously recorded by the artist in Warsaw and Minsk.


A Paweł Althamer project, produced in cooperation with N.R.M., Paprika Korps, and Amaroka for the 7th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Berlin.

Photo documentation: Tomek Kaczor, Janek Mencwel, Michał Szlaga

Project produced with the support of Erste Bank Stiftung, Kalmar Konstmuseum, neugerriemschneider (Berlin), Foksal Gallery Foundation (Warsaw)